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Choosing to Use the Expertise of Michael Nierenberg

If you’re looking for a solid investment firm that you can trust, there is none better than New Residential Investment Corp. There is a reason why Michael Nierenberg is the CEO of the company as well as its president. Visit to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Fortunately, Michael Nierenberg has the experience behind him to improve the lives of his clients as well as improve the services of the company itself. He has been working with New Residential Investment Corp since 2013. Read more at Reuters about Michael Nierenebrg.

Before beginning work with NRIC, Michael Nierenberg worked for Bear Stearns as part of their rate operations team. He was constantly working to check rates and improve the way that the company was able to function. While working with the company for 14 years, Michael Nierenberg was able to learn many different things that he still brings with him throughout his career. He enjoys working with new clients and wants to improve the lives of those coming to him for financial and investment assistance. Be sure to check out more about Michael Nierenberg online by going to his site or many social media outlets that are easily on the internet.


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