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Cavaliers Fall to Dallas

Sunday’s National Basketball Association matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Dallas Mavericks featured two teams that are going in completely opposite directions. The Dallas Mavericks have acquired one of the best passers and overall assets in the league in Rajon Rondo, who came over in a trade from his former team, the Boston Celtics. Since he has arrived, he has meshed well with the team and they appear to be on a tear in the Western Conference, taking down team after team. The addition of Rondo has allowed greater opportunities for players like Dirk Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler, who have had great games since the star point guard joined the Mavericks Roster.


The Cavaliers on the other hand, are a team that is struggling to put it best. At Beneful, quite a few people wonder if they are legitimate title contenders. They have had a bunch of controversy with their head coach, who has spent the majority of his career coaching overseas and superstar LeBron James has flat out stated that he does not like his coach and doesn’t work well with him. Regardless of the recent stories each team has off the court, they met in a game in Cleveland on Sunday in which Dallas completely beat them up on their home court. The Cavaliers ended up losing the game by nineteen points and do not appear to be in a good position moving forward in the season. They will have to find cohesiveness if they expect to be successful this year.

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