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IAP Worldwide Services’ Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Control System

IAP Worldwide Services’ division, Readiness Management Support (RMS), played a pivotal role in developing Afghanistan’s air-traffic control system to support the Operation Enduring Freedom. The Kabul Air Control Center was officially opened on 12 July 2016. It provides positive control, non-radar, visual flight services and radio-based instrument flight rule services within the center’s FIR (Flight […]

Investor George Soros Speaks Out On Donald Trump’s Candidacy

In the coming year, Americans will see the completion of a new election cycle. Each party will nominate a new candidate for president. Observers believe that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the best chance at the Democratic nomination. Many observers are less sure about who will emerge with the Republican nomination. One person […]

Cuba Relations Continue to Normalize

Despite opposition from Congress, the Obama administration announced today that the United States and Cuba will open embassies in each other’s country. The announcement by the President is the latest move towards normalizing relations between the two countries that have been strained since Fidel Castro came to power in 1961. The United States has attempted […]

Trump Takes the Stage

Investment firm owner and international banker Donald Trump has officially thrown his hat in the Republican pool for the nomination of the presidency. While many are interested to see just how far Donald will go, more people than that are afraid of what Donald will do for Republicans. A contributor for The Washington Post detailed […]

Andre Johnson: “Luck best in the NFL.”

Andre Johnson may never have played a snap for the Indianapolis Colts, not until pre-season begins, but he knows greatness when he sees it. So far the 12 year veteran has been nothing but impressed by head Colts QB Andrew Luck. Johnson, known for his serious demeanor and lack of a vocal presence, called Luck […]

More Parma Details Revealed

Last Tuesday, over half of the city employees in Parma, Missouri walked out on their jobs after the first African-American female mayor, 40-year-old former city clerk Tyrus Byrd, was voted into office. Until now, many of Byrd’s supporters argued that the walkout was racially motivated. Additionally, Byrd stated that she did not receive any resignation […]

Is it Worth Moving to Paris?

Escaping to a better place is what more than half of the daydreamers have on their mind. For Carrie Dennis, from Elle, Paris is the obsessive thought. She had been there for seven months as an AuPair, and at that time thought of getting back to New York sooner. But the grass is always greener […]

Judge Rules Against Florist Who Refused to Provide Arrangements for Gay Couple’s Wedding

Barronelle Stutzman, a private florist, has been found in violation of Washington’s anti-discrimination laws, after she refused to sell flowers to a gay couple for their wedding. The ruling made by Superior ?Court Judge Alexander C. Ekstrom was announced on Wednesday. The case began in 2013 when Rob Ingersoll approached the florist to work on […]

Cop Finds $15 Thousand Dollar Pearl In Seafood Stew

Though many are facing the bitter cold in Massachusetts, for Mike Serino, the cold may be what inspired his new found wealth. A cop for the Swampscott police department, Serine went into a local diner for a bowl of seafood stew. Marc Sparks heard that he was celebrating a birthday dinner and also wanting to […]