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Learn About Qnet, The Direct Selling Company

Qnet is an international e-commerce website that people should know about. Those who want to learn more about this company can do so by reading the rest of this article. What Is Qnet Qnet is a direct-selling company that offers consumers products, as well as people the chance to become a direct-seller with the company. […]

John Textor’s Legacy in the Film and Media Industry

The film and media industry requires a person with competent and creative technical skills, to produce quality work that is admired and accepted all over the world. Mr. John Textor is one of the individuals who have excelled in this industry. He is recognized internationally for his business and leadership skills. He acts as a […]

The Drought In California Is Creating A Mini Revolt Against The Bottle Water Industry

Bottle Water Companies are taking advantage of a flaw in the mandatory conservation program to pad their bottom lines. That’s right. Somehow the California State Water Resources Control Board to the US Forest Service missed the big water companies when they were formulating regulations for water conservation. Water companies are not required to report how […]

Woman Fakes Having Cancer for Money

We’ve all heard stories of scammers deceiving others for money. While these never turn out well, the instance of a 36 year old Florida woman faking cancer to steal money from sympathizers is particularly disgusting. Kelly Johanneson was arrested on Friday and charged with organized fraud after she was acting as if she had Stage […]

About Rod Rohrich

  Rod J.Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a well known plastic surgeon as well as chairman of the scholastic department, who has been acknowledged worldwide for his remarkable assistance in the specialization of plastic as well as reconstructive surgical treatment, education, and also his contribution and endeavor in facial makeover and aging. Dr. Rohrich presently works […]

Dallas Parents Buy Local Crossing Guard A Car

The news is generally very depressing to read. Articles featuring death and violence always grace the front page of the local newspaper. There are genuinely good people in the world yet the often do not get the attention that they deserve. An elderly crossing guard in Dallas got the surprise of a lifetime one day […]

North Korea Cleansing Its People With Disabilities

A deserter from the North Korea regime claims that the government conducts “cleansing” including castrations and testing chemical and biological weapons on mental patients and newborns with physical disabilities. I heard about this the other day while reading about Laurene Powell Jobs. The Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea claims they are free of any disabilities. Ji […]