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Andrey Andreev is an Online Dating Genius

Andrey Andreev might not have started the whole dating site phenomena, but he certainly did take it to the next level. This young entrepreneur has created the world’s number one dating site and has also helped to launch other recognized online dating brands. Andrey Andreev is truly a genius of the modern dating scene and […]

Nitin Khanna an Indian Native Making It Big in the US

Nitin Khanna is one of the most iconic entrepreneurial figures in Portland, Oregon. Nitin, who is originally from India, moved to the US at a very young age to pursue his dream career in industrial engineering. Nitin joined Purdue University and did not only graduate with an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering but also a […]

Jason Hope Describes How The IoT Is Making Airlines Better

Jason Hope recently had an article of his published on Wings Journal where he described how the internet of things is improving the airlines industry. Mr. Hope is a Scottsdale, Arizona investor, philanthropist and futurist. He closely follows innovations in technology such as the internet of things and advancements in medicine such as new anti-aging […]