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Shervin Pishevar and Blockchain Sustainability

Shervin Pishevar would probably say that blockchain is a conservative, efficient, trustworthy, and adaptable technology by design. This statement might surprise some people. Let’s undue common misconceptions and look at blockchain objectively. If that initial statement is true, then Shervin Pishevar’s expectations are correct about blockchain being sustainable. Conservative and Efficient These are not two […]

With a Wealth of Investing Experience to Draw from, Chris Linkas Encourages Would-Be Investors to be Unafraid of the Stock Market

Often treated like a goldmine of opportunity one minute and a pariah to avoid like the plague the next, the stock market’s allure with investors waxes and wanes more than the fortunes of movie stars. This unfortunate state of affairs is one which Chris Linkas, himself a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, likes to right whenever […]