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The Political Position of Charles Koch

Charles Koch is 80 years old and lives and lives in Wichita KS in the USA. The Forbes magazine lists Charles Koch as the ninth richest individual in the world with a net worth of around $ 43 Billion. He is a billionaire and holds a degree in arts and science and masters in science […]

Helane Morrison Has Been Changing The World With Her Investigations

The Interesting Career Of Helane Morrison Helane Morrison is an active journalist, compliance officer and influential community member in the San Fransisco Area. She has affected the area and the financial investments of people all around the world with her lengthy and brave career. I found a lot of information about her online after I […]

Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders

While they do not agree on much, Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch believes democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is right when he says the current economic and justice systems benefit the privileged members of society, often at the cost of the poor. Charles Koch wrote in a recent Op-Ed piece in the Washington post that Sanders […]

The Koch Brother’s Financing During the 2016 Election

Charles Koch and his brother David are a powerful force that has had a strong connection within the political world for decades. As Charles and David Koch are strong proponents of the free market, they have been both financing as well as promoting certain Republican candidates come each election period. Charles and David Koch are […]