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Maurice Jones-Drew Retires

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders made an announcement that he will retire from the league today and pursue other interests. Jones-Drew is only 30 years old but had a very productive career and remains a fan favorite in Jacksonville where he played the majority of his career. He […]

Johnny Did Not Learn His Lesson

You can look through a set of pictures that show you what Johnny Manziel did this offseason, and that is a problem for Johnny. Derek Jeter does not allow cell phones in his house, and have makes you sign a waiver. There is a reason for that said Bernardo Chua. According to, Johnny thinks […]

Cam Newton to finish degree at Auburn

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton caused a mini sensation on the Auburn campus recently when he arrived to begin taking the final credits needed to pass his business degree at the school, NFL reports. Newton’s arrival on campus was not completed in secrecy as various Twitter and Facebook posts were made by members of the […]

Gronkowski Mum on Super Bowl brawl

Gronkowski on Super Bowl fight Tempers flaring up in sports is as common as questionable play calling. There was no clearer picture of this than during Super Bowl Sunday this week. In the final moments of Super Bowl XLIX this past Sunday, a small brawl broke out on the field involving Seattle Seahawks and New […]

SNL Roasts Brady and Patriots

    The New England Patriots are gearing up for the Super Bowl next week with media day and all of the controversy surrounding deflate gate seemingly on the back burner. They did not get questioned as much as people had expected during the highly anticipated media day, but Tom Brady still came off pretty […]

Brady Called Out

Mark Brunell is a former quarterback in the National Football League that made his reputation known as a member of the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars. He spent nearly twenty years in the NFL and has vast knowledge when it comes to the procedures that a quarterback goes through when preparing for a game. He was on […]

Klay Drops 37 in Third Quarter

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors has taken his game to a completely different level this year and he was rewarded by the Warriors, who resigned him to a four year deal worth a whopping seventy million dollars. Klay and Stephen Curry are without a doubt the most dominant back court in the game, […]

Green Bay Gets Unlucky

TheĀ Green Bay PackersĀ of the National Football League looked like they had the Seattle Seahawks pinned down in the NFC championship game on Sunday and that they had written their ticket to the Super Bowl, but the game took a drastic turn that was highly unlikely. Russell Wilson played a simply terrible game for the first […]

Passing The Torch?

The Colts are prepared to take the torch from the Patriots on Sunday. When the Patriots take the field, this might be their last good chance to take their team to the Super Bowl. There are too many good teams in the AFC vying for spots in the Super Bowl. These teams have taken spots […]

Baltimore Headed to New England

The Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League are no strangers to meeting the New England Patriots in the playoffs, as they seem to meet almost every year once January rolls around. Most teams in the NFL would hate to get stuck in the unfortunate circumstance of having to roll into New England and beat […]