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San Diego Officials Ignore Real Issue

Since Governor Jerry Brown put restrictions on water use in California because of the extreme drought taking place in the state, officials across counties have been searching for ways to get more drinkable water. said that officials in San Diego county believe they have the perfect solution — build a $1 billion desalination plant […]

Miraculous Lions

Kidnappings and forced marriages of girls and young women have been in the news recently. Africa, particularly Ethiopia, have a very high rate of these incidents. These events seem to happen so frequently, that many have become desensitized. When something unusual, even miraculous, happens it grabs ones attention. According to Grist, a 12 year-old girl […]

Hilary Announces Presidential Run

This news that surprises no one in particular, Hillary Clinton announced this weekend that she will be running for President in 2016. This will be the second Presidential bid for Clinton. While during her first run she was more known as the wife of former President Bill Clinton than the former senator of New York, […]

Possible Long-Term Remedy for California’s Water Shortage

California is experiencing a terrible drought. Water shortages have forced the governor of the state to enact water usage restrictions. You’ll probably be seeing a lot more brown grass on lawns and golf courses in the Golden State, but that is better than the alternative of people running out of it for drinking and bathing. […]

Papua New Guinea: Tsunami Warning Lifted After A Severe Earthquake

An earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurred off the coast of Papua New Guinea on Monday, raising fears of the breaking “dangerous” waves around the epicenter before the lifting of the tsunami warning. The earth shook at a depth of 33 kilometers; 55 kilometers from the nearest town, Kokopo, on the island of New Britain, and […]

Million Dollar Feces Discovery

Geologists and other researchers for the United States Geological Survey believe that human feces could be “mined” for precious metals worth millions. USGS geologist Kathleen Smith and her colleagues studied feces from rural and city waste samples all over the country and found that human feces contains enough precious metals like gold, silver, platinum copper […]

Adidas Not Renewing NBA Apparel Contract

The German sportswear manufacturer, Adidas will not renew its contract to supply apparel to the National Basketball League of America (NBA). Adidas believes it would be better to invest their money in new products and players. Adidas has lost market share in the United States to Nike Inc and Under Armour Inc and the market […]

Boy, 10, Saves Sister from Terrible Fate

A 10-year-old boy has been hailed as a hero after he rescued his sister from an abduction attempt. The two siblings were playing outside their family home, along with another brother, when the would-be kidnapper approached the trio. The brazen man, who had just been released from jail on bail, approached the children in a […]

Maurice Jones-Drew Retires

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders made an announcement that he will retire from the league today and pursue other interests. Jones-Drew is only 30 years old but had a very productive career and remains a fan favorite in Jacksonville where he played the majority of his career. He […]