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Spinal Surgery Centers Can Provide Needed Relief

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from chronic back pain. This pain can be caused by accidents, injuries or many other factors. Back pain and injury can make it difficult to do even the simplest tasks. In some cases the pain can be so debilitating that it can make something as simple as getting out […]

FreedomPop – Freemium Internet Without a Cost

In today’s world, everyone has become strongly dependent on the Internet to amass much-needed information regarding… everything. Not only does the Internet help individuals to connect to each other irrespective of their current location, it has also granted people near-instantaneous access to solutions that revolutionize the way we live life. Because of this, millions of […]

Homeless Man Turns in Found Money

What do you expect when you hear a story about a homeless many who stumbles upon a couple of thousand dollars? Do you expect to hear that the man used it for his own good? Do you expect to hear just how that kind of money helped to better the man’s life? That is what […]

News Reports of Train Derailment and Evacuation Near Knoxville

  Preliminary news reports this morning indicated that early on Thursday morning, at least one CSX train derailed near Marysville, Tennessee in Blount County, outside of Knoxville. The train reportedly carried Acrylonitrile, a highly flammable substance used to produce acrylic products. The derailment forced the authorities to commence an evacuation within a two mile radius. […]

Sharing is Caring

Industrial countries are thriving economically because of their commerce and financial exchange systems. There aren’t too many places for citizens to go where they can get goods or services without monetary compensation. A store in Frome, Somerset in the United Kingdom relies on customers lending items rather than selling them. The name of the store […]

Pakistan Heat Wave Claims Over 700 So Far

Record breaking temperature in Pakistan have claimed the lives of over 700 people so far, and the death toll is only expected to climb this week. Three consecutive days of temperatures over 105 has taken its toll on the people living in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. Over 2,000 people have been treated at the […]

Twenty-one Year Old Dies Saving His Mother’s Life

James Jones, a twenty-one year old man from Chicago died saving his mother. A man started shooting at Jones just as his mother walked out the door of their home and James threw his body over hers; protecting her from the bullets. Alicia Jones was wounded but survived after undergoing surgery at the Advocate Christ […]

The Iowa Straw Poll Is No More

The famous (or some might say infamous) Iowa Straw Poll has now ended. The GOP in Iowa has made the determination that it will no longer conduct the poll. This decision comes as many have started to view the straw poll as nothing more than a glorified popularity contest. Candidates were often accused of busing […]

The Police Office In McKinney, Texas Speaks Out

After all the talk and speculation about what went on in McKinney, Texas with the irrational police officer, he finally speaks out about what he did. McKinney, Texas Officer Speaks Out. The police officer stated that he never meant to disrespect anyone or hurt anyone, but he was really trying to control the situation. He […]

Blame it on the Train

Eight people were tragically killed during a train derailment last month in Philadelphia. Reports were released this week stating that the engineer who was operating the train at the time, was not using his personal cell phone when the train jumped the tracks. Police and friends and families of the victims were afraid that this […]