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Warriors in Hindsight

It is pretty comical if you go back and read some of the posts about the Golden State Warriors at the beginning of the season and look at where they are sitting at today. There was a general consensus around the league that the Warriors were a good team and that they had a likely […]

Brady’s Reputation Should be Tarnished

  Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has had a truly amazing career that has put him as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League despite being picked extremely late in the draft and looking like a mere backup in the NFL. He has experienced tremendous amounts […]

Coach K Nabs 1,000th Career Win

It almost didn’t happen. Duke was down 43-39 to St. John’s Sunday at Madison Square Garden. But an 18-2 run in the second half helped the #5 ranked Blue Devils get the win over the Johnnies 77-68. That victory was the 1,000th in the career of Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Your text to link… He told […]

Knicks Beat Sixers

Wednesday night was an interesting night in the National Basketball Association, while two teams who have both been called perhaps the worst team in professional basketball history faced off against each other. The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers were widely considered the worst team that has ever been put together when the season started, but they were going […]

Kerr Coaching the West

It is rare that someone comes into professional sports as a rookie head coach and completely dominates from the get go. Fortunately for Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors, this is exactly what has gone down in Oakland. It may have a ton to do with the amazing turn around that was conducted by […]

Curry Goes After Ariza

Stephen Curry of the National Basketball Association is without a doubt one of the best players in the league and he truly looks like he might be the most valuable player of the 2014-2015 season. He has risen to prominence piece by piece over the last handful of years, as he has consistently elevated his […]

It Is Time For Kobe To Retire

When Kobe tore his rotator cuff and played left-handed for the rest of the game, that should have been the end of his career. No one wanted to see Kobe go out like this, but there is no way that he is going to be able to stay healthy long enough to stay on a […]

Korver on Fire

The Atlanta Hawks have transformed from a slightly above average team in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association to a completely dominant powerhouse team that looks like they are well on their way to winning an NBA title. Marc Sparks recognizes that they dropped six games earlier in the season, but over the […]

Knicks Worst Team Ever

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 National Basketball Association season, there was heavy speculation that a team in the league was perhaps the worst team in the history of professional basketball. That team was the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, as they were perhaps the worst team ever on paper. However, they have far surpassed what anyone expected, […]

Western Conference Standings

  The Western Conference of the National Basketball Association truly seems to be locked up with the top eight spots, although we have just hit the midpoint of the season. Usually this would be an absurd assumption, but the standings really show that there are eight teams that are pretty solidified to be the top […]