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Covers.come expert fantasy basketball advice

The way we watch sports has changed quite a bit over the years. Before we had all the quality recording hardware we would just watch NBA (National Basketball Association) live on television with less commercials. The breaks during games were to grab more beer and snacks. Use the restroom is necessary. Now there are so […]

Too Many NBA Injuries on Wednesday

Players Leave Early with Injuries on Wednesday Night No matter what sport is played, injuries are almost a sure thing for players and teams involved. Wednesday night in the NBA showed just how bad things can be. Three different players on teams in the Eastern Conference were forced to leave their games early in the […]

Kevin Garnett Should Buy The Timberwolves

I have no problem with Kevin Garnett buying the Minnesota Timberwolves. In fact, I think it is a good idea. Kevin Garnett is one of the most competitive people in the world. He took the Timberwolves to a 60-win season once, and he almost got them into the finals. He also found a way to […]

Lillard Replaces Griffin On All-Star Team

It took an injury, but Damien Lillard is finally on the West All-Star team. Blake Griffin is having surgery, and Lillard is going to take his spot. Lillard already felt disrespected because he was left off the team entirely, and now it is possible that he will have a chance to make his mark on […]

Warriors and Hawks

  The Golden State Warriors suffered two losses last week in back to back games against the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz, but they are back in the swing of things after smashing the Phoenix Suns the other night. Luckily, the Atlanta Hawks just lost a game and it couldn’t set the stage any […]

Howard Injury

Dwight Howard gave everyone in the Houston area a scare when he went out with a knee injury last week. It is always scary when someone injures their knees, because they are truly one of the worst joints you can injure as a basketball player. Every time you cut, you have to have strong knees […]

Rondo’s Broken Face May Keep Him Out

When the Dallas Mavericks acquired the 28 year old point guard Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics, it was thought that owner Mark Cuban and General Manager Donnie Nelson had made the right moves and that the team was returning back to its championship form that has been removed over the past three seasons. However, […]

Barkley on Lillard

Charles Barkley is one of the most colorful characters in sports broadcasting, and he always seems to have a big opinion as to who should and should not make the All Star team. It is kind of ridiculous that he cares so much when it is blatantly obvious that the All Star ballots is completely […]

Rockets Over Mavs

There was a battle in Texas last night between two of the better teams in the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association, as the Dallas Mavericks rolled into Houston to take on the Rockets. Dallas has had an interesting year of ups and downs so far this season, as they started out strong and […]