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Clay Hutson: How a Creative Audio Engineer Harnessed Technology to Disrupt the Music Industry to the Delight of Clients

Clay Hutson recently grabbed the headlines after offering valuable insight into his illustrious entrepreneurial career. As an entrepreneur serving the diverse needs of musicians and event organizers, he undoubtedly holds incredible knowledge regarding the ins and outs of business development with finesse. As an audio engineer, the creative and ambitious expert worked for various leading […]

Norka Luque is More Successful Than Others

For Norka Luque, success is defined by the different things that she is able to do. She knows that putting out a lot of albums, making a lot of tour dates and always remaining relevant are the things that will allow her to be successful in her singing career. She wants to make sure that […]

The Hot Music of Norka Luque

Norka Luque is a singer who originally came from Venezuela. She sings songs that have a Latin and Caribbean- inspired vibe and ones that incorporate many different styles of music together. These songs, in combination with her vocals, have become some of the most popular Latin pop songs in the world. She has increased her […]