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JMH And Jason Halpern Moving Into South Florida

As the South Florida real estate market explodes, Jason Halpern has opened another office of his JMH Development group. His company specializes in creating beautiful residences for the people in the area, and you will be able to purchase a home that you can revel in all year when the sun shines. His company does […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly threatens son to stop seeing Miley Cyrus

Not very happy that his son is dating Miley Cyrus, Arnold Schwarzenegger has supposedly threatened Patrick Schwarzenegger to stop seeing the popstar. According to Jared Haftel Arnold reportedly told Patrick that if he does not break up with Cyrus, he won’t get his inheritance worth millions of dollars. However, it seems as if the actor’s young […]

Donald Sterling Volunteers For Christmas Charity Event

This year ex Clippers owner Donald Sterling landed himself in some hot water when his girlfriend leaked a private conversation of him expressing his hate for black people, for months the recorded conversation made it’s way around the internet and into debates everywhere. Unlike Bruce Levenson whose controversy was widely seen as blown out of […]