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The Legacy of Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is a notable American film producer with a bounty of blockbuster favorites to testify for his success. In addition to titles such as Goodwill Hunting and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, he is perhaps most well known for the credits he’s produced alongside esteemed director Quentin Tarantino. His legacy is one that is inherently […]

Classic African American Movies

  Over time, African American producers have made tremendous efforts in providing great black movies. These films demonstrate the uniqueness, courage, resilience and even the harsh realities that exists in the black culture. These films are a staple in the African American culture and are frequently used as ways of connecting with other each other. […]

Magic Mike XXL Review

Magic Mike XXL is a sequel to the popular film Magic Mike, released in 2015. Directed by Gregory Jacobs, this film was apparently three years in the making, having been set in motion shortly after the success of the original Magic Mike became apparent to studios. While some of the original cast is missing, Channing […]