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John Textor is a Maverick Visual Effects CEO

John Textor has been Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. Through these companies he has pioneered ground-breaking work in being the first to bring a truly life-like digital human actor to the big screen in the major motion picture “The Curious […]

Rondo to Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks have recently made a trade that may put them in a position to take over the Western Conference of the National basketball Association. Before the trade that they made this week, Dallas has had a very promising team that has put them in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference […]

NBA 2K15 Honors Isaiah Austin

Former Baylor Bears center Isaiah Austin was forced to give up his career in order to preserve his health. He has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a disease that attacks the connective tissue in his body. The developers of the NBA 2K15 video game added him to their roster of playable basketball stars to honor […]

Top Hollywood Executive Profile: Tom Rothman

Actors and directors dominating Hollywood films are popular figures around the world. But few of us are familiar with the creative brains responsible for these box-office hits. Tom Rothman is one of those ingenious people credited with several box-office hits. He has also supported the careers of numerous prominent filmmakers of the modern film industry. […]