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Why So Many People are Using Skout

Meeting new people can be a chore on its own, especially considering the fact that most social media sites are aimed more for people who already have friends, coworkers and relatives to connect with online. The problem that many people have is that they want to be able to find people local to them with […]

Jon Stewart Announces His Last Day on The Daily Show

The Daily show created a whole new genre of comedy news that had never been explored in a full TV series. Needless to say, the Daily Show would not have been as successful without the ever popular and well known Jon Stewart hosting the show. Many individuals have grown very attached to the combination of […]

Eva Mendes Shops At Thrift Stores

Superstar actress Eva Mendes is one of the most beautiful women alive, but things weren’t always so glamorous and easy for the famous actress. Today, Eva Mendes is worth multi millions, and she is married to Ryan Gosling. She is truly living every woman’s fantasy. However, ten years ago, Eva Mendes was a struggling actress. […]

Adidas Not Renewing NBA Apparel Contract

The German sportswear manufacturer, Adidas will not renew its contract to supply apparel to the National Basketball League of America (NBA). Adidas believes it would be better to invest their money in new products and players. Adidas has lost market share in the United States to Nike Inc and Under Armour Inc and the market […]

A Positive Reaction to Online Bullying

A man who wanted nothing more than to enjoy a special concert through some dancing to the music was ridiculed by a group of bullying attendees at that concert. While trying to dance, this man was laughed at. Next, the bullies decided to go online with their attack, tweeting about the man and the way […]