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Doe Deere Wants Women To Be Comfortable In Their Own Skin

Doe Deere, an entrepreneur who founded a cosmetic company called Lime Crime, has started a new business called Poppy Angeloff. Poppy Angeloff is Victorian style jewelry company for modern girls and women. Deere came up with the idea after going through some family heirlooms and falling in love once again with the pieces of jewelry […]

How Doe Deere Found Success In America

Entrepreneur Doe Deere is an immigrant to America, having moved here from Russia as a teenager, and soon to be a mother. She founded Lime Crime in 2008 which was the first vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand to ever be sold online. Her original name was Xenia Vorotova and she took on her new moniker […]

Doe Deere Believes in Wearing What Makes you Happiest

Doe Deere is the founder and creative vision behind the cosmetic line Lime Crime. Her creativity and love for fantasy have attributed to the overwhelming success of the brand. It appeals to a vast array of individuals but mostly teens and young adults due to the bright colors that are heavily saturated in Internet subculture. […]