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More Parma Details Revealed

Last Tuesday, over half of the city employees in Parma, Missouri walked out on their jobs after the first African-American female mayor, 40-year-old former city clerk Tyrus Byrd, was voted into office. Until now, many of Byrd’s supporters argued that the walkout was racially motivated. Additionally, Byrd stated that she did not receive any resignation […]

Anonymous Reportedly Targeted Rapper Kanye West

A video, allegedly released to the Internet by the hacking group Anonymous, has targeted Kanye West. The video features a speaker wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, an icon adopted by Anonymous. The speaker in the video goes on to say that West should “know better when it’s okay to blurt out opinions.” The video targets […]

ACLU of Michigan up in Arms over School Superintendent Job Posting Asking for Candidates with Christian Background

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is up in arms over a job posting for a public school position which requests candidates who hold “a strong Christian background and philosophy.” Evidentially, the Michigan ACLU received a complaint last week about the superintendent job description that was posted on the Michigan Elementary and Middle Schools […]