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The Enigmatic Kyle Bass

The reasons some patents are called “zombie drug” patents is because, like zombies, they just won’t die. Sometimes there’s good reason for them to be killed, too. For example, Fresenius and Alpex both have medications which have zombie patents on non-critical features of the medicine; and that in great excess to value. On one medicine […]

Highland Capital Announces New President of Institutional Products

James “Jim” Dondero recently announced the appointment of Tim Jones as the new president of institutional products in Highlands. He takes over a crucial department where he will be tasked with risk assessment, identification, and mitigation. He has clocked over 25 years’ experience in various financial industry positions. Before joining Highlands on a full-time basis, […]

Discovering U.S Money Reserve CrowdRise

The money reserve was initially started by people who were experienced in the gold market. They had found that a combination of customer service and real market knowledge would help them provide guidance that is trustworthy to the clients. Currently, the U.S Money Reserve is the one that is leading in the distributorship of the […]

Madison Street Capital, The M & A Annual Advisor Award Finalist

Madison Street Capital is a company at its peak based on its ability to meet the needs of their clients effectively. In essence, Madison Street Capital is an investment bank that has international operations whose focus is on delivering competent financial advisory services to their clientele. Other than providing advisory services, the company also gives […]

US Money Reserve Right Place Right Time

The Comeback Of Metal Has we have grown up we come to find the truth that when you want to buy something you need money.In our youth the answer was nothing more then the dollar.Today that is no longer the case due to the fact that as we have grown the value of the once […]

White Shark Media Gives Advice On Complaints

Companies that are involved with SEO content or are involved with customer service, are not new to the idea of complaints. Complaints are extremely common and are even expected among local businesses and large franchises. Despite how common complaints are, they are unwanted aspects of owning a business. White Shark Media is a company that […]

The High Price Women CEOs Sometimes Pay

Every year, more and more women are proving that they can break the glass ceiling and become successful CEOs. There was a time in the not so distant past when women — regardless of drive, education, qualifications or experience — could only make it so far up the chain of command. The prejudice and misogyny […]