John Goullet’s Undertakings in the IT Staffing Industry.

Diversant Limited Liability Company is a highly performing IT staffing firm. It has gained recognition for being the most prosperous African-American 0wned business in the United States. The government currently recognizes it as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, and this identity has facilitated the development of the company. The IT staffing solutions that Diversant is excellent at providing are creative services, direct hiring, and reinforcement of IT staff. The policies that the enterprise applies when addressing the needs of its clients are exceptional since they ensure that the customers, business affiliates, and the community are satisfied. The company has developed its customer service to be outstanding, and it has been essential in creating healthy relationships. They interact with the clients by consulting them in every step that they take, and this makes them feel like affiliates of the firm.

The technology sector has currently evolved across the world, and therefore, many professionals are needed to deal with various upcoming IT problems. Diversant LLC has been offering valuable help to its clients in sourcing IT experts who have the knowledge of handling a broad array of challenges. Corporations get employees who match their working style, culture, and the environment. The staffing company ensures that all the specialists that it provides can develop computer programs that have been personalized according to the needs of the clients. Diversant accomplishes this by using its exceptional methods in hiring IT experts.

John Goullet is a creative entrepreneur who is recognized as being the founder of various successful IT businesses. He has been the principal of Diversant LLC since 2010 when he joined it after merging his company, Info Technologies. He established Info Technologies in 1994 to offer staffing services. The clients that the firm mostly served were the Fortune 500 companies. The enterprise thrived in the industry since it comprehended the gaps that were in the corporate world and devoted itself to filling them. Goullet served as the chief executive officer, and his leadership made the business to grow its value to $30 million within five years. The Inc. Magazine also appreciated the excellent performance of the enterprise.


Choosing A Reliable Investment Firm

Are you in need of the expert guidance and services of a renowned investment banking firm or professional? Do you want to enlist the services of an experienced and knowledgeable investment banker? Perhaps you have read a lot the amazing benefits of consulting with Martin Lustgarten and his team of experts.

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As a financial intermediary, a well-established investment banking professional can render a variety of services to both beginning and veteran investors. It is absolutely essential to select an investment banking firm or financial services professional who has great expertise in raising capital, and facilitating corporate reorganizations, including mergers.There are several ways to invest your money and achieve financial and personal success. One of the best and most reliable ways to reach your financial goal is through investment banking. But you will need expert advice and guidance in order to attain the success you desire.

Choosing a financial or investment advisor is not something to be taken lightly. If you are thinking about getting into the investment field, especially investment banking, it’s imperative that you contact a renowned firm or expert for proper guidance.

As a highly reputable provider of top notch investment solutions, Martin Lustgarten is considered one of the most reliable in the industry. With numerous clients all over the world, his firm comes highly recommended in the investment banking field. Martin has such a great reputation due to his top quality services and affordable rates. His clients come from various parts of the world and they are extremely delighted withe outstanding outcome they have received.

Martin Lustgarten has great expertise in investment banking and is considered of the most knowledgeable in the field. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and are always happy with the quality of service they have received. He takes the time to review his clients’ situation and then come up with the right approach to meet their needs.


Rebooting Russia’s Economy with the Skolkovo Foundation

Alexei Beltyukov is the Adviser of the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia. He created the Skolkovo Foundation in 2010 to help facilitate more technology and business companies. The foundation also assists entrepreneurs and inventors throughout Russia. The foundation’s purpose is to help fix or eliminate issues within Russia that did not exist in previous decades.

Because of Russia’s economic problems, he has provided his ideas on what Russia will need to regain investors and fix all the issues within their economy. He states that Russian entrepreneurs should be encouraged and rewarded for their attempts and accomplishments. The Russian entrepreneurs and small business owners need to be supported and assisted by the government so that they flourish. That is the main goal of his foundation.

The foundation offers advice and strategies and allow businesses to use tax relief for their businesses. This allows them to have more funds to pay for research and development of new products. Other strategies relate to conducting business and gaining more investors, while keeping costs low. There are several grants that the foundation offer for investing in entrepreneurs and their businesses. These grants can be used to create a new business as well.

Because of the foundation’s willingness to invest in Russia’s up and coming businesses, nearly 14,000 jobs have been established within new companies throughout the country. That investment has also helped more than 1,000 companies with tax advice and grants. It has allowed for more entrepreneurs to branch off of their original ideas and explore new areas of their product or create a new business.

The foundation alone cannot get the Russian economy back to where it once was. the government needs to take action, like the foundation has, and support its new entrepreneurs so that they continue to create and expand their businesses.  Follow Alexei on Twitter for more, and be sure to read his full bio on

How Technology Revolutionized Eric Pulier’s Career

Eric Pulier began the road to his career at Harvard University in 1984. While there, he decided to major in English and American literature. As he studied, he worked for The Harvard Crimson as an editor and a column writer.

However, it wasn’t just his time at Harvard that helped him become the author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur he’s known as today. In high school, he began a company that created database computers. While at Harvard, he took classes at MIT to supplement his knowledge of software and technology from his high school days. At his graduation in 1988, he was named magna cum laude.

His career did not end with the database computer company. In 1991, a move to Los Angeles was followed by the founding of his second company. This company was named People Doing Things (or PDT). Here, he focused on health care, education, and similar issues and problems by using technology to help address those issues.

After PDT, he moved on to founding Digital Evolution in 1994. In 1998, US Interactive LLC merged with Digital Evolution. From there, Pulier moved on to helping build Starbright World. This particular company is a private social network site for children that are chronically ill. It allows them to meet and chat with others who have similar experiences, as well as blog and post content about what they have gone through.

Eric Pulier didn’t stop there. He participated in the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997, and Al Gore’s forum to advise on healthcare and technological initiatives. During this period, he also co-authored a book. The book is titled Understanding Enterprise SOA and was first published in 2006.

As for his philanthropy, Pulier donates to several nonprofits. Two of these are The Painted Turtle and the X-Prize Foundation. The Painted Turtle is a camp for children who are chronically ill, fitting perfectly with his efforts on Starbright World. X-Prize Foundation holds competitions to solve the greatest challenges of humanity.

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Unique Thought Leadership in Diversant

Every employer wants to hire the right employee. However, this does not happen to all companies. While others may make mistakes John Goullete is not one of them. He has helped push Diversant, an IT staffing and solutions firm to the next level. Since the merger between Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. he has remained a great strength to help the company grow. This includes being able to handle new challenges with new tactics. This has made the IT staffing market better.

Expanding the opportunities for job seekers

Finding a great job is possible with the Diversant LLP. This is because of the company has provided different opportunities. It also gives a person many options on where they would like to work from. Experts have also defined it as perfect fit. Even the hardest jobs to find are now available through the Africa-American owned IT firm.

Get You Dream Job

Many times people wonder of how they can work with any Fortune 500 company across the world. You can now realize this dream in Diversant. The firm has listed many job opportunities in companies on the Fortune 500 category. This means you will be taking the next step in your career by searching for a job through this company.

Employee satisfaction is a priority to all the job seekers. Through the diverse opportunities, beginners or those who are making a transition can get the right job. Senior level positions are also available. Career coaching has also been enhanced. This makes it easy for you to make a decision because all the information is available.

John Goullet Principle Executive

John Goullet is a rare muscle in the IT staffing sector. His innovative ideas have led to the growth of Info Technologies from scratch to a $30 million worth. It was also listed number eight in the Inc. Magazine. He has imported the creative skills into Diversant helping deal with emerging trends. John Goullet who lives in New York City is today the Chairman and Principal of Diversant. He graduated from Ursinus College. Goullet has been vital in helping different companies get the right people for specific job vacancies.

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Helping Others With Investing

Highland Capital is a great company that is dedicated to helping other people succeed with their personal finances. James Dondero is currently leading the company, and many people expect that he will continue to do so over the next few years. Under his leadership, the company has grown at a high rate. James Dondero is always concentrated on helping other people succeed in their finances. Highland Capital generally does better than other investment firms in meeting the expectations of their clients. In a recent announcement, James Dondero told investors that he was interested in investing in Argentina.

Argentina is having a difficult time with the current economic environment. At one time, the country had one of the strongest economies in South America. The low price of oil has really hurt the economy. Government officials are struggling with lower tax revenues from declining economic growth. Argentina lacks the infrastructure of other countries, and this is not helping the situation. James Dondero feels like this is a great time to earn high yield rates on bonds. Highland Capital will be investing in the bonds of Argentina over the next couple of years. This will help increase net returns, but the investment does carry a lot of risk for investors.

One of the best ways to manage risk is to diversify investments. James Dondero has always wanted to have a diverse set of investments for his clients. A lot of people struggle with the process of investing. Highland Capital exists to teach customers about specific investing strategies. They have continued to grow rapidly simply because they add value to their clients. With the latest announcement, Highland Capital continues to show that it is prepared to do what it takes to succeed in the current economy.

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Organo Produces Healthy Coffee Infused with Ganoderma

In this day and age, many people around the world are turning to a natural, healthy lifestyle. This means cutting out the stress in their lives, exercising more and eating healthy, nutritious foods. Many people also take supplements, but just as many, can’t or don’t like to take pills, so they don’t get all the nutrition they need.

Bernardo Chua has made it his life’s mission to take the super mushroom, Ganoderma Lucidium to the world, and he has developed a delicious line of infused coffees and teas, so it would be easy for the common person to use.

Bernardo Chua first used the Ganoderma Lucidium as a child, as he’s said on Facebook. His mother brought the mushroom back from China to his home in the Philippines where he grew up, and he experienced the phenomenal effects himself.

Researchers today have found that this super-mushroom is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that prevent or improve many diseases such as skin, kidney and liver diseases, and diabetes. The abundant antioxidants also prevent colds and flu.

In 2001, BusinessForHome reports Mr. Chua started his first company called Gano Excel where he perfected his strategy for direct sales. In 2008, he opened Organo Gold ready to hit the market at high speed, and that he did.

Organo Gold, which Bernardo shortened to simply Organo in 2013, is now in 37 countries. Turkey is the most recent country to open to Organo, and the successful networking company has over one million distributors and is growing every year.

Mr. Chua has expanded the product line of Organo to include Ganoderma in capsule form as well as in the five coffee blends, green, red, black tea, and hot chocolate. All are infused with Ganoderma powder. and Organo also carries high-quality grape seed oil, spore powder, and mycelium, along with three natural care products.

Bernardo originated the first “healthy coffee,” and it’s available for everyone to drink. There are no pills or potions to take, just the simple coffee blend that can be consumed every day for amazing health benefits. Organo headquarters are located in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada and for more information go to  Follow Bernardo on Twitter @OGBernie.

Investing with James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the leaders in personal finance today. He has helped a variety of people take the next step when it comes to their wealth. There are a lot of people who work with Highland Capital in order to develop an investing plan for the future. Instead of worrying about the short term, James Dondero tells people to think about the long game. He has recently done just that with the addition of an important staff member, Terry Jones. Terry Jones brings a lot of experience to the table for Highland Capital. Over time, there are a lot of people who think he will be a great addition to the team. Anyone who wants to learn how to run a business should look at how James Dondero has done so with Highland Capital.

Highland Capital

There are a lot of investment firms that work with clients on how to invest. However, few companies have had the success of Highland Capital over the years. James Dondero is one of those unique people who truly has a passion for what he does. He helps a wide variety of people with his great work in the field. There are a lot of people who trust him with the advice that he gives. Instead of worrying about the short term, he teaches people to invest in companies that will be here over the long term. Much like the investing greats, Dondero has built Highland Capital to teach clients how to invest for themselves. There are a lot of companies that wish that they could be as successful as Highland Capital. Only time will tell if James Dondero continues to have success in this area.

Learning to Invest

A lot of people have enough money to make significant wealth gains over time. However, few people have the investing knowledge needed to do so. There are a lot of people like James Dondero who wants to help others succeed. However, this is difficult to do when you are trying to run a business as well. Since the economy has started to recover, there are more people than ever before trying to find a way to invest in the stock market. There are a lot of ways to do so, and Highland Capital hopes that with the hiring of Terry Jones they will be in a better position to do so for the coming years.

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Autism Rocks Welcomes Brothers Pete and Will Best

British millionaire philanthropist Sanjay Shah, founder of Autism Rocks, has added two of his lifelong acquaintances as trustees to the board of the charity, according to a release by PR Newswire. Brothers Pete and Will Best are expected to greatly benefit the charity with their experience and professional skills in the coming year.

Autism Rocks is a London based charity and invitation-only live concert founded in 2014 to raise funds for research into autism, which now affects about 1 in 68 children. The charity’s music festivals have featured many high profile artists since its inception, including Prince and Drake.

Pete Best’s 21 year career in the London financial market includes a stint as COO of the leading brokerage firm Icap. He left Icap in late 2015 to spend time with his family and engage in charitable endeavors.

Will Best began his career as a musical event organizer while attending university. He returned to music as an award presenter and international host after a brief foray into advertising.

Shah began his career at Merrill Lynch, then went on to work for an impressive list of firms including Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Rabobank. The financial crisis beginning in 2009 not only ended his career at Rabobank, it made him realize that an office job was not for him. The daily commute, the hours sitting at a desk and the other mundane details of his career wore him down. So he rolled the dice and founded Solo Capital.

In 2011, he learned that his son was autistic. This gave him something on which to focus his philanthropic endeavors. In 2014, with a net worth of $280 million, he decided to step back from the day to day operations of Soho Capital and founded Autism Rocks. The charity currently raises money for organizations that research autism and develop treatments for the condition.

Highland Capital Management’s James Dondero Files 13F

James Dondero, or Jim as he is mostly called, just filed his 13F for his company Highland Capital Management with the date 03/02/2016. This quarter it shows a decrease of $1.49 billion. His portfolio now has a value of $3.42 billion. This amount, however, only represents 22.73% of the company’s assets.

In this quarter, the company bought into 69 new stocks. The top five include Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr which he bought for $67.07 million, Amazon Com Inc for $23.35 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc for $17.73 million, Danaher Corp for $17.24 million and lastly, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc for $15.90 million. A handful of holdings that he has increased in value with the highest being a 60% increase in his holdings with American Airlns Group Inc, which is now worth $204.25 million. He sold five of his holdings with no reason as to why, so it can only be speculated that it was because of their value momentum or Highland Capital Management found a better place to put their capital.

The company’s top 3 holdings this quarter include American Airls Group Inc, Salesforce Com Inc and Ishares Tr. These holdings, along with the rest of the companies top 10 holdings, make up 29.55% reported in the 13F. He now owns 20% of the healthcare sector, 18% of the Information Technology sector, 18% in Finance, 12% in Energy and 10% in the Consumer Discretionary Sector.

James ‘Jim’ Dondero is the Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management in Dallas, Texas. The company was created in 1993. Other than working at Highland Capital Management, Dondero is also a chairman for Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CSS Medical. He also a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios

Dondero has gained 30 years of experience working with credit and equity markets. Before becoming involved with the business, Jim Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest honors from the McIntire school of commerce with a double major in accounting and finance.