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Mike Baur Powering Up Small Startups In Europe

Mike Baur is a famous venture capitalist, banker, and entrepreneur from Switzerland. he had founded the Swiss Startup Factory to accelerate small tech-based businesses in Central Europe. He will be a lead panelist at the upcoming World Web Forum.   Co-working Baur is a supporter of other technology entrepreneurs coming together in-person to bounce ideas […]

The Career Life of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella is the president and CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC,. He plays a very big role in the development of cash management solutions. Having in the industry for many years, he has transformed the company from being a very small company to being one of the leaders in the provision of cash management […]

Eucatex Rocking the Brazilian Wood Market

Eucatex, established in November 1931 is a Brazilian company, the first to care about the environment. This company is known to use the eucalyptus as its raw material to make ceiling tiles and panels. Eucatex started coming up with representative offices in several Brazilian Capitals and Argentina in 1956. As a leader in the wood […]

Sanjay Shah Makes Things Happen

An article on provides an overview of the life Sanjay Shah, owner of Solo Capital. The article begins by discussing how Shah worked in accounting in the finance industry, but he wasn’t happy with either the work or the commute. After the 2008 financial crisis, Shah became unemployed and it was at that point […]

How Men’s Shoes Complete the Outfit

Let’s face it, the shoes complete the outfit for men. While a lot of men may not notice their own shoes, women and other men notice what is on the feet of others. Women are big on the shoes that complete the outfit. Often times, men seem well put together until they get to the […]

Alexei Beltyukov: Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Among the most successful of recent entrepreneurs is Alexei Beltyukov. He was born and raised Russia. He has already achieved many things which include forming financial firms which are meant to provide funding to start up companies in Russia. More importantly, he engages in philanthropic activities which help other Russians with their goals to start […]