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How Stream Energy Uses Stream Care to Advance Its Philanthropic Initiatives

Ever since it was established, Stream Energy has been serving customers in various states across the U.S. to bring innovative yet affordable energy solutions to them. Providing conventional and modern solutions such as green energy, which uses renewable energy to power homes, Stream Energy has been able to cater to a wide variety of customers. […]

Zeco Auriemo Pushes JHSF To Greater Success

Jose Auriemo Neto known by friends and family as Zeco Auriemo has brought success to the family business JHSF Participações S.A that focused for many years on building shopping malls and real estate development. It wasn’t until Zeco Auriemo took a chance on an 80,000 square meters property in the Marginal Pinheiros Region of Brazil […]

How Is Nicolas Krafft Contributing to The Advancement of L’Oreal Ethics Campaign

Nicolas Krafft currently serves as the Vice President of Global Business development for the L’Oreal brand. The skilled business leader and expert sales and marketing professional has worked with the cosmetic brand for the past 14 years in the strategic and operational management levels. He has held such positions as marketing director for Asia as […]

Stream Enery and Its Affiliates Help in Times of Need

There is a part of the company, Stream Energy, about which most people are unaware. The company has a mission statement about helping others. They say that philanthropy is in the company’s “DNA.” Stream Energy sells energy directly to customers, along with other utilities, including Internet connections. Stream energy allows its customers to become affiliates, […]

The Humble Financial Expert: Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison is a family man, studious academic and an established financial services expert. He is great at financial analysis, and the Anthemis Group is soaring in profitable financial interactions because of his wits. Soccer fans would probably question his powers of analysis because he confessed to predicting West Ham United’s Premier League victory for […]

Ronald Fowlkes an American hero improving the tactical gear industry.

Ronald Fowlkes has worked with Eagle Industries Unlimited since the year 2008. Eagle Industries unlimited is based in Fenton, Missouri and it focuses on producing unique and quality products which include Chest rigs, armor carriers, slings, and belts. The firm has been operating for over three decades in building military and sporting gears. Eagle Industries […]