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Ricardo Guimarães Has Put BMG Bank In The Tennis Business

Brazil and great tennis players are not usually used in the same sentence when the topic of tennis is brought up, but Brazil has produced some excellent tennis players. Men like Marcelo Melo, André Sá, Thomas Bellucci, and Gustavo Kuerten have become tennis idols in Brazil, and there is a crop of new players coming […]

How to Select A Competent Lawyer In Brazil

Are you dealing with a difficult legal situation in Brazil? Would you like to find a good lawyer to help you resolve the case? Many times people try to handle legal problems on their own, which can be very frustrating and time consuming. Only legal professionals have the skills and expertise to handle legal issues […]

Investing in Brazil – É boa pra caramba!

“É boa pra caramba” is a Brazilian saying that translates to “amazing” in English. It is probably the best way to comment on the gorgeous democracy of Brazil. The country may currently be in the spotlight for the upcoming 2016 Olympic games, but it really has so much more to offer. The country offers itself […]