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Copy? John Holt can write a lot on banks and wealth management/luxury investment advisories. Do you ever need him to write/edit anything remotely for your business? He can do it like no one else can. In fact, perhaps that’s the reason he was chosen as a top panelist and speaker for last November’s Texas Bankers’ […]

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: A Continuing Trend In Bradesco’s Effective Succession Strategy

Succession is an important consideration for all companies. It is a disruptive process that requires companies to select new leadership. Done correctly, it can usher an organization into a period of renewed growth, but done wrong it can lead to the death of even the largest organizations. Brazilian private bank, Bradesco is one of the […]

Different Portions Of The Ricardo Guimarães Career

The beginning of Ricardo Guimarães’ careeer started when he worked for the BMG bank. He began working for the bank as his first professional job and was able to promote through the company at a fairly fast rate of speed. He strived to be the best of the best, which eventually paid off for him. […]

Ricardo Guimarães Has Put BMG Bank In The Tennis Business

Brazil and great tennis players are not usually used in the same sentence when the topic of tennis is brought up, but Brazil has produced some excellent tennis players. Men like Marcelo Melo, André Sá, Thomas Bellucci, and Gustavo Kuerten have become tennis idols in Brazil, and there is a crop of new players coming […]

Banco BMG – Leading Commercial Bank in Brazil

Banco BMG is one of the leading commercial banks in Brazil. The bank opened its doors in 1930 by the very prominent Guimarães family. The family owns the bank privately. During the early years, the main focus of the bank was wholesale and consumer financing. The bank financed light and heavy weight automobiles, as well […]

A Bank That Stays Competitive For 70 Years Is A Reflection Of Stable Policies And Smart Management

The Pentagna Guimaraes family has been a cultural icon in Brazil for offering quality commercial banking services for consumers and corporate institutions. The family established the private bank Banco de Minas Gerais S.A., also known as BMG, in 1930. Between 1930 and 1998, BMG focused its banking services on the consumer lending and wholesale market. […]