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Dissecting the Life of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was an author. He will always be remembered as a talented broadcaster, a professional journalist, a war historian, an organizer of national exhibitions, and the man whose book was almost never published. His fame came about after he published a book known as Always a Little Further in 1939. Alastair will also remain […]

The Life And Accomplishments Of Alastair Borthwick

Who is Alastair Borthwick? Well, he is the author who wrote some of the most famous Scottish books: “Always a Little Further” and “Sans Peur.” He was born in Rutherglen South Lanarkshire, Scotland. But his father landed a job in Glasgow and forced them to relocate. The exceptional writer was an alumnus of the High […]

Adam Milstein: Understanding Anti-Semitism

  Adam Milstein is a philanthropic author that writes about issues that the Jewish people face on a daily basis. He is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist that believes that his voice is making a difference. Adam Milstein is a Jew and knows first-hand the struggles that the community faces. In his latest article, “Unlikely […]

The Achievements of Rally Driver Michel Terpin

Michel Terpins is one of the most outstanding rally drivers in Brazil. His passion and hard work have greatly contributed to his success. Michel Terpins is a 36-year-old citizen and resident of Brazil. He is the brother of Rodrigo Terpins and is closely related to Alpine Swift. He is a renowned Brazilian rally driver who […]