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Niranjan Shah Corporate Accomplishments

Niranjan Shah was brought up in a tiny village in India that lacked basic amenities. He attained his undergraduate degree in Engineering from theBirla Engineering College at Sardel Patel University in India. He moved to Chicago in 1972, where he settled before establishing Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. When the company was starting, Niranjan Shah was the […]

Ryan Seacrest: America’s Favorite Host

Ryan Seacrest is the most popular television and radio personality in the United States and has been since the early 2000’s. He’s known for his chipper personality and witty humor, but in the beginning, he was just a boy full of personality growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised by his real estate lawyer father and […]

Glenn Schlossberg Mark in the Fashion Industry

Glenn Schlossberg is one of America’s well-known philanthropist and the CEO of Jump Design Group, an authority in the women Fashion industry. Besides this, Glenn is affiliated to various useful organizations such as the CEO club, Young Jewish Professionals (YJP), and Young President Organization (YPO). One of the great things about Glenn Schlossberg is that […]

Laerte Codonho Will Not Back Down

Laerte Codonho is a fighter. The truth is that he doesn’t back down.  What is his company?  Dolly.  When did Laerte Codonho found this company? In the latter half of the 1980s. Remember that Laerte Codonho is a businessman. He is not interested in working for the man, and he is all about being his […]

Andrey Andreev and his Great Dating Sites

Andrey Andreev is a billionaire and he is the leader of the world’s greatest dating site. This middle-aged man has been working hard for most of his life. He first venture was a computer store that he ran and operated in 1995. During the time he owned the store, he sold his own software known […]

Andrey Andreev is an Online Dating Genius

Andrey Andreev might not have started the whole dating site phenomena, but he certainly did take it to the next level. This young entrepreneur has created the world’s number one dating site and has also helped to launch other recognized online dating brands. Andrey Andreev is truly a genius of the modern dating scene and […]