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The Work of Yanni Hunfnagel

Yanni Hufnagel has built quite a career as a college basketball coach. In just a short time he has had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches and players in the game. Hufnagel has built a reputation as an incredible recruiter who has a great eye for talent. Yanni Hufnagel is a […]

Don Ressler Works for Change

In any business, there are major needs for changes to the businesses sometimes. This is because of the way that the businesses work and the way that customers are able to get what they need from different aspects that come along with the brands. Don Ressler knows all about this and is always working to […]

Jason Hope Is Focused On The Future

There is no doubt about the impact that technology has made on society. It is constantly evolving as innovators continue to create new products that influence the way everyone lives their lives and conduct business. Smart technology has made its presence felt in communication and entertainment. Computers have become just as important as televisions when […]

The Largest Drilling Rig Fleet In The World’s CEO

Anthony Pettello’s is the CEO of the largest drilling rig fleet and leading provider of offshore drilling. He is an accomplished man that truly has become an asset to Nabors Industries. He attended Yale University for his bachelor’s and masters in mathematics. He also received a J.D degree from Harvard law school. After gaining a […]

Troy McQuagge Gets Honored By The One Planet Awards

The distinguished One Planet Awards just named Troy McQuagge (CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc.) as the Gold Winner. The sought-after One Planet Awards is an international premier awards program that honors business and professional excellence among industries from all over the globe. All global organizations are eligible to submit their nominations, which encompasses private and […]

Recap: The Texas Bankers Association 2016

Held back on November 7th of this year, The Texas National Bankers Association held it’s annual Strategic Opportunities and (M&A) Conference in the New Orleans, Louisiana. The event went off without a hitch as usual and this year’s theme was more about “Reinventing Community Banking.” Since community banking has become so large over the past […]

Investing with James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the leaders in personal finance today. He has helped a variety of people take the next step when it comes to their wealth. There are a lot of people who work with Highland Capital in order to develop an investing plan for the future. Instead of worrying about the short […]

Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips Every Investor Needs to Know

As a founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, a global financial company, Brad Reifler knows quite a bit about how to smartly invest one’s capital. On a recent Reuters news release, Reifler shared five particular tips on how an investor should when thinking about getting a good return on an investment without too much risk. […]