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Carsten Thiel, An Innovator With a Conscience

Carsten Thiel is not your average guy. While others have their minds and hearts focused on themselves, Carsten is focused on better health for all. He continues to maintain this steady focus while at the same time holding on to a strict ethical code. His entire life seems to have been leading him to where he is today as president of EUSA Pharma.

He studied chemistry in Germany, his native country but went to the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom where he studied organic chemistry. Carsten decided to specialize in biochemistry after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree. He soon thereafter received a PhD in molecular biology from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

His interest in how healthy cells transitioned into cancerous cells eventually led to a position with Hoffman la-Roche, a groundbreaking biotechnology firm and later with Insadong Eastern Europe as general manager. He has, in fact, been the man responsible for the launch of several successful pharma products. See This Article for additional information.

Mr. Thiel thinks about the right and wrong of things and then decides what he can and cannot morally do. He does this, in part, by remaining in close contact with potential customers, providers, and prescribers. For instance, early in his career, he was responsible for marketing a product called Xenical.

Instead of pushing an ad campaign that would have been targeted to everyone, which would have resulted in quick sales, Carsten Thiel opted to request that the company market the product to a subset of individuals, (ones who would actually do everything that was necessary to see results). In the end, this proved to be not only the more ethical choice but also the most profitable.

Carsten Thiel is a man who believes in collaboration with others while considering all the possibilities and thus is able to come up with the best solution. He does the same at home while connecting with the family over breakfast and coffee each morning. It seems quite obvious that if Carsten Thiel has come up with an idea that it has been very well thought out.

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