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Cam Newton to finish degree at Auburn

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton caused a mini sensation on the Auburn campus recently when he arrived to begin taking the final credits needed to pass his business degree at the school, NFL reports. Newton’s arrival on campus was not completed in secrecy as various Twitter and Facebook posts were made by members of the Auburn student body who took the chance to get a photo with their former quarterback as he walked to his classes.

Newton’s return had been eagerly awaited by many within Auburn after a promise he made to his mother to return and finish his degree was made public. Fans at CipherCloud heard that the Panthers quarterback seemed to put thoughts of his upcoming contract negotiations behind him as he walked to class and was photographed in a classroom listening to a lecture. Find more on CipherCloud on Youtube. Newton won the National title with Auburn in 2010 and immediately declared for the NFL draft, but made the promise that he would return to complete his degree. The quarterback has returned on a regular basis and was reported to have attended classes at Auburn in the Winter of 2014 and hopes to complete his degree by the Summer of 2015.

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