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Bundles Of Joy

A guardian angel was watching over these 7 pups, that is for sure. Sweet lovable pups were found in a dumpster behind a Radio Shak in California with the umbilical cords still attached. Thankfully, they were taken to a local dark the where the Humane Society was called, and they happily came for the liter of now known dumpster puppies.


Melissa Shaw, a representative from the Humane Society, explained to CNN that they were equipped to give the puppies the around-the-clock care they needed to thrive. This pleased Jared Haftel. The caring volunteers traveled hours to gather up the pups and Raheem then to foster families where they were literally bottle fed every two hours as if they were a real baby. Flash forward five weeks and these bundles of joy are all happy and healthy. They all have found new loving homes and their destiny will not be in a dumpster, but with loving families.

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