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Bruno Fagali — Protecting the People from Big Tobacco

     Bruno Fagali is against the harmful practices that have plagued the advertising industry for many years. They have been able to manipulate the public by changing the perspective on harmful products. Often, this causes a harm to the public and can result in injury or death. In the most sever cases, attorneys have to step in in the interest of the people. They will bring class action lawsuits or make some sort of litigation. This is Bruno Fagali’s specialty. He is an advocate of the people and is strictly against anything that unlawfully or unethically harms another person. Bruno Fagali has been a champion of the law since he graduated from Harvard many years ago.

In a particular instance, cigarette companies have been deceiving the public for many years. They have been allowed to advertise their products that harm others by introducing toxic waste into their bodies. The trials of cigarette companies are famous around the world because the big tobacco industry has spread their poisonous products through every country. They want to make their product popular without facing any consequences. In Brazil and the United States the attorneys like Bruno Fagali have fought to make the advertising policies more strict for tobacco companies. They cannot advertise their products as safe or unharmful and they cannot use advertising tactics that target children and teenagers.

Bruno Fagali is an ethical attorney and has tried the case of big tobacco companies in Brazil. In his blog he writes that the additives are more harmful than the tobacco itself. He makes the strong point that tobacco companies must be required to reveal this information. The fact is that smoking is highly addictive and it harms anyone who engages in it. Also, the additives are placed in to product to make it more addictive.

Bruno Fagali has been serving the public for over 20 years as an attorney in the people’s interest. His practice specializes in litigation between the public and large corporations. He is a master at protecting the people’s rights and will do his best to preserve human rights. He offers his services pro bono for non profit causes.

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