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Brazilian Car Manufacturing Executive Carlos Alberto de Oliveira

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira got his start in the auto industry after he attempted to buy a Ford Landau vehicle in 1979 and the dealership failed to deliver it to him due to the fact that it was going through bankruptcy at the time. To compensate him for not being able to provide him with his new car, the dealership, named Vepel, offered him a job in the company. After spending 6 years with them, he left to start his own auto manufacturing business, which he named CAOA Group. Before long, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira achieved big success when his company became the largest Ford dealership in Latin America.

CAOA Group was initially only responsible for manufacturing and distributing Ford vehicles, but after the business expanded in 1992 and began importing its cars, it started representing the Japanese car brand Subaru by 1998, and the Korean brand Hyundai by 1999, and as of September 2017, the company acquired more than half of the assembly duties of the Chinese automaker Chery. Its car building factory, which was opened up in 2007, is located in Anapolis, and because of the great leadership ability that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira has exhibited over the years when it comes to running his auto operation, the assembly company, along with Isto E Dinheiro magazine later honored him with an award, naming him Entrepreneur of the Year.

With an estimated net worth of $2 billion, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country of Brazil, and he was previously added to the Forbes magazine Billionaire List. All of his accomplishments in his chosen career can be credited to the many years he spent gaining the necessary experience to run his company effectively. His determination, strategic vision and perseverance is what propelled him into growing a hugely successful business after being introduced to the ins and outs of auto production nearly four decades ago. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, who was born in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil, came up with CAOA as the name of his company by using the initials of his own name.

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