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Blame it on the Train

Eight people were tragically killed during a train derailment last month in Philadelphia. Reports were released this week stating that the engineer who was operating the train at the time, was not using his personal cell phone when the train jumped the tracks. Police and friends and families of the victims were afraid that this loss of life occurred because the engineer was distracted. Now that authorities have cleared that up, they can focus on finding the real reason for the crash, be it technical or mechanical. Authorities haven’t ruled out negligence completely, but they are focusing more on the train and the track itself. The NTS Board released an update that analyzed the train engineer’s cell phone. No text messages, calls, or data use, were recorded during the time of the entire train trip. The NTS Board examined the phone in their state-of-the-art lab in Washington. The engineer didn’t even gain access to the system’s wifi while he was on the train. After the train crashed, the engineer knew procedure and willingly gave up his cell phone to authorities. Since then, the train engineer has been cooperating with the authorities ongoing investigation. While the train engineers lack of cell phone use cleared up a few questions, it has raised many more for the public. Witness statements from passengers on the train are still being examined by investigators which leaves the investigation open and ongoing.

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