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Bettany Set For Further Marvel Appearances As Vision


When the Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in theaters this May, audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy some new additions to the super hero team. One of those additions is the android known as Vision, who is being played by Paul Bettany. It also appears that Vision may become a permanent part of the Marvel cinematic universe.

According to a recent interview, Bettany hinted that the deal he made to play Vision with Marvel Studios would allow him to return as the android hero in other Marvel movies. Bettany said he enjoyed the stability the deal with Marvel affords him stating that he had never known if he had a job six months out ever in his career. He also indicated that Marvel has set plans for Vision beyond the new Avengers movie. Bettany also noted that he is excited by his deal with Marvel because it will allow him to pursue projects outside of the Marvel movies stated Lee Slaughter.

Bettany is no stranger to the Marvel cinematic universe, as he has voiced the role of Tony Stark’s computer J.A.R.V.I.S. in all three Iron Man movies and the first Avengers movie. While Bettany previously admitted that he had never watched any of the Marvel movies despite his voiceover role, he also said that he has now watched all of the movies in order to better understand how they are all linked together.

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