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Betsy DeVos: Improving School Systems In America

Betsy DeVos has always played an essential role in the transforming face of the American School System, ever since she decided to work towards its improvement in the early days of her career. She has stood as a political fighter and someone who can contribute towards the betterment of the systems in place. People who have been familiar with the work that Betsy DeVos had been doing through the course of her career knew that she was someone who would work hard to see the schools in the country reach their maximum potential. Being someone who was so passionate about the school system, she has led and partaken in numerous movements which stood to improve the system in place.



One of the first movements that DeVos particularly become known for was the School Charter movement. Schools in America mainly follow two kinds of financial backing systems, one who stands firm on funds that are offered by the government, and the second being the ones that are supported by private funds. Even though both provided a certain amount of education to students in America, there was a clear difference between the two. Because the public school system was one who operated on limited funds, there were a number of limitations that they had to face. These schools were not always able to offer the very best resources to the children coming there, which often diminished the potential that these children would have otherwise been able to receive. Private schools, on the other hand, have been showcased to operate in a much better manner because of the free flow of resources herein. Students here are given all that they need to in order to grow and become strong individuals. Because of this drastic difference between these institutions, Betsy DeVos decided to come forward in support of the private school system. She believed that the model that this school system worked on was a lot more positive when compared to that of the private school system, and this was something that would work well for the children in America.



DeVos has come a long way since her early days, but her goal remains the same, which is to improve the school system in America. Being the education minister of the country has given her the ability to push forward new improvements that can make the school system a lot more efficient for the benefit of the students. There are many ideas that DeVos has wanted to implement after becoming the education minister of the country, and by applying more and more improvements, she is working to see the system that she envisioned.



There is no doubt that DeVos has had an incredible impact on the entire school system and will continue to do so during the remaining months of her tenure. The work that she has done as not only improved the system at the moment but has managed to enforce better values for schools in America to follow in the future.


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