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Bennett Graebner: A Pioneer in the Film and Television Industry

Bennett Graebner is a professional in the television and film industry. He is well-known for executive producing The Bachelor and Bachelorette along with a number of other television shows. He is originally from Buffalo, New York and is married with two children. Mr. Graebner currently lives in Los Angeles with his family. He continues to work on his two most famous television shows while developing and producing other shows. 

Television viewers generally consider his shows to be cultural phenomenons. His shows have received awards at a number of events to include the following: Teen Choice Awards, ASCAP Film and Television Awards, and the BMI Film & TV Awards. Bennett Graebner’s shows perennially receive high ratings particularly in the desired 18-34 demographic. Graebner’s shows continue to enjoy longevity thanks to continued growth in viewership. This is considered to be a major success because the television industry is extremely competitive. 

Many feel that his success is due in part to his knowledge of story and narrative flow. Bennett Graebner points out that successful television and film shows typically follow comparable guidelines in how their stories are introduced. With this idea, reality shows are similar to other television shows in that they require strong characters, suspense, plots, and structure to stimulate viewership (Ideamensch). 

One of the challenges that Bennett Graebner faces is that he has to derive these dramatic elements from real-life events, rather than a fictional story that is created by writers. In addition to Bennett Graebner’s other professional traits, he works well with others on set. He has also benefited from working in many aspects of film production. Bennett Graebner has worked in the camera and electrical department on a wide range of projects in roles such as a cinematographer, production assistant, and best boy grip. Bennett Graebner diverse range of experience has contributed to his extensive film knowledge. 

Graebner has the unique ability to understand the difficulties of producing a successful television show from many unique points of view. Bennett Graebner received his undergraduate degree in English from Vassar College where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. After graduating, he attended the University of Southern California’s prestigious school of cinematic arts where he attained his Master of Fine Arts degree. 

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