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Ben Carson Offers No Real Solution for Replacing the ACA.

Many would think that with all that has occurred in the past few weeks that Ben Carson would be front and center on the issues that are hitting hard in the media spotlight. For instance, he is a Doctor of Medicine; the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act stands as a legitimate law of the land. I would believe he has a serious plan that would reduce the costs of healthcare in this country and ensure all persons have the right to health care coverage. But in reality he like others believes the costs could be reduced by consumer choice and less government. Well here is the reality; we had that before the Affordable Care Act that was not a solution either.

The fact is that Ben Carson is an accomplished surgeon and a socially and fiscally conservative minded black man from Detroit. Not that we are trying to put him into some kind of box, because that is not our intent. Even though they have made a movie about his most famous surgery of separating conjoined twins, does not make him anymore or any less qualified to become our next President. But, as an informed voter, I would expect him to have a better plan for replacing Obama Care since he feels it is such a bad law stated Eric Pulier. However, to be fair since the ACA was passed until now the percentage of uninsured Americans has only been decreased by 2.5% from 14.4% to 11.9%. I guess the 11.9% will just be paying the penalty at the next tax time.

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