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Barkley on Lillard

Charles Barkley is one of the most colorful characters in sports broadcasting, and he always seems to have a big opinion as to who should and should not make the All Star team. It is kind of ridiculous that he cares so much when it is blatantly obvious that the All Star ballots is completely flawed, as outlined by Mark Cuban who stated that the voting process is a complete joke. Cuban was absolutely right in the fact that the wrong players make it onto the team all the time, and great players are subsequently held off the team. As fans like Lee Slaughter know, that is just how it goes with the current NBA voting process, but Charles Barkley could not hold back from going off on public television about how mad he is that Damian Lillard did not make the All Star team. He made it very clear that he thought Kevin Durant shouldn’t have gotten in this year because he hasn’t played very many games and stated that it wasn’t a lifetime achievement award and he is absolutely correct. What he is basically stating is that the fans will vote with their favorite players, regardless of how they are playing in the current season. This constantly leads to great players getting snubbed and well known players that have had mediocre seasons or have been out due to injuries, making the All Star team despite barely playing any regular season games.

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