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Award Winning Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most acclaimed plastic surgeons in the United States. Being an acclaimed plastic surgeon has made Dr. Jennifer Walden a household name in the world of plastic surgery. Walden name has been mentioned in several publications with a list of awards to her name. One of the publications listed is American Airlines Magazine. In the publication it list Walden as one of America’s best plastic surgeons. Being named in American Airlines Magazine is a wonderful honor as it comes from her peers. With over 16 million passengers flying America Airlines each month many get to read about the great work that Dr. Walden provides.

Dr. Walden recognition didn’t just stop with American Airlines magazine, Dr. Walden was given the honor of being on the cover of Empowering Women Monthly, an Austin, Texas based monthly magazine. Dr Walden was on the cover of its July 2017 magazine. The story within the cover addresses Dr. Walden and her all women team of professionals on how they look to help and empower women through plastic surgery.

Dr. Walden has also appeared in Bazaar Magazine in the April 2014 issue. The magazine issue mentions the hot list of 24 doctors that were on the cutting edge. Dr. Walden was named one of the best beauty surgeons in America within issue. The article also addresses Dr. Walden long waiting list at her Austin, Texas practice for many types of face and body surgeries.

Last but not least Dr. Walden received another accolade when she was on the cover of the 2016 Texas MD Monthly where an article within the magazine discussed Dr. Walden attraction from an early age to surgery. The article also discussed Dr. Walden accomplishment of being one of the few female plastic surgeons in the plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Jennifer is quite an accomplished plastic surgeon who will continue to make her mark and receive notoriety as being one of the best male or female in the plastic surgery industry.

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