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Ara Chackerian and Healthcare Technology

Ara Chackerian is a well-known person both in philanthropy and the business world. Ara lives in San Francisco, California. Ara Chackerian dedicates much of his time to better the society through his efforts. His successful career has traversed decades, with most of his work being within the sector of healthcare technology. He has a good knowledge when it comes to connecting technology and healthcare services. Ara Chackerian serves as a member of several boards in the Bay area. In addition to this, he is a founder of various highly successful organizations that specializes in several kinds of diagnostic imaging services. Ara is also interested in the environment and youth development. For instance, he is the president and co-founder of Limonapa Teak, a Nicaragua-based sustainable teak farm. The teak farm uses environmental-friendly agricultural practices to take care of the environment. In addition to this, the farm benefits the local people by offering jobs to them.

According to Ara Chackerian, there are essential things to do when the mental health month comes. He argues this is a critical time to recognize those who are suffering and find ways of helping them. In 2016, at least 64,000 people died from drug overdose. Most of these people were suffering from mental health illness. Ara claims that it is vital to find professional help for a person who has mental health issues. Thus, on should understand the best way to help during a crisis. Mental illness can occur to anyone; thus, it is important to share one’s experience to encourage the other. When sharing your story, you are helping others to know that they are not the only ones suffering. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.

Another major issue when it comes to mental health illness is the criticism as well as the stigma related to the disease. There are certain words, language that people use when talking about the mental illness that discourages others from coming out and getting help. The society must try and reduce the stigma connected to this issue to help others. Furthermore, people must make sure that their mental health is under control by maintaining a well-balanced diet as well as a good psychological state. You can visit their Facebook page.


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