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Anonymous Reportedly Targeted Rapper Kanye West

A video, allegedly released to the Internet by the hacking group Anonymous, has targeted Kanye West.

The video features a speaker wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, an icon adopted by Anonymous. The speaker in the video goes on to say that West should “know better when it’s okay to blurt out opinions.” The video targets others close to West, including his late mother and wife Kim Kardashian. Jason Halpern has learned that the video goes on to state that Kardashian “sold her morality for a bit of extra cash.”

Anonymous, a group responsible for defending people such as the late Amanda Todd and the late Rehtaeh Parsons, as well as as Edward Snowden.
The group took to Twitter to speak about the recent video.

“We had nothing to do with this,” a member of the group said on the social network. “Just leave us out of your bulls—t.”

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