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Animation of the movie “Coco”

Senior director Daniel Arriaga of Pixar graduated from the Academy of Art University. He had the opportunity to share his Mexican for animation and directing of his movie “Coco” at his alma mater.”Coco” won an Oscar for Best Animation feature.

Coco was about a boy who traveled to a land to find out about his family heritage and to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician. The song “Remember Me” won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

In an interview, Arriaga explained the cultural significance of the floral, skeleton, and motifs that are introduced throughout the movie. Arriaga said in the article, Academy of Art University Alumni Contributes to Big Win of W018 Academy Awards “Coco” “The project was very close to me because of my culture.” He wanted the movie to be authentic and he wanted the movie to pay their respect to Dia de Los Muertos, which translated means “Day of the Dead. “Day of the Dead” is a celebration in Mexico where the Mexican people celebrate their ancestors who have died. On this holiday they visit their family members graves and build altars to celebrate their lives. They also bring their family members favorite foods, they also bring plants flowers and.

After showing his Oscar movie “Coco” Arriaga had a question and answer session.

He encouraged the students to create port=foilios that encompassed their work that they’re proud of and work that displays their skills for animation that they’ve learned while attending the Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. The schools’ mission is to prepare professionals in the fields of design, communication and the arts, or obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and portfolio development programs. Academy of the Arts is one of the top art schools in the world.

If you have a passion for the arts, you have various different majors that you can choose from

Academy of Art University has famous alumni who work in the movie industry. Their’ Daniel Arriaga who helped create the movie “Coco”. Another alumnus is Jan Philip Cramer who create movies such as Deadpool, Spiderman Homecoming, Avatar, and Avengers Infinity War which is now playing in movie theaters.


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