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Andrey Andreev is an Online Dating Genius

Andrey Andreev might not have started the whole dating site phenomena, but he certainly did take it to the next level. This young entrepreneur has created the world’s number one dating site and has also helped to launch other recognized online dating brands. Andrey Andreev is truly a genius of the modern dating scene and his work has helped to revolutionize the world. 

You might not realize this. but Andrey Andreev has truly changed how people connect and find love in modern times. His online dating site, Badoo, is the number one dating platform on the market. It has nearly 400 million users from around the world. The site does well within the United States, but it really is considered a major hit in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy and France. A lot of people love this site and they frequently use it to make connections (Crunchbase). 

Andreev not only started up Badoo but he has also created the Russian based Mamba dating site. This site was made in 2004 and it is now the number one online dating portal in the Russian nation. The site has since changed its name to Wamba and it has 31 millions users. Many of these individuals come from other countries. 

In 2014, Andreev co founded Bumble dating site up and running. He owns nearly an 80% stake in the company. His support has helped Bumble owner and CEO Whitney Wolfe to realize her dream of having a female first dating site that empowers and endorses females. Andreev like Wolfe’s approach to online dating where a woman has to make the first move. While most young adults probably never heard of Andreev; they at least heard about or used one of his dating sites to find a romantic partner. The 45-year-old billionaire is a genius that has changed how the world finds romance.

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