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Andrey Andreev and his Great Dating Sites

Andrey Andreev is a billionaire and he is the leader of the world’s greatest dating site. This middle-aged man has been working hard for most of his life. He first venture was a computer store that he ran and operated in 1995. During the time he owned the store, he sold his own software known as Virus which helped to get him started financially. Sometime in 1999 Andreev created a popular site visitor tracking program known as SpyLog (Businessinsider). 

This too was another big hit for the young and upcoming entrepreneur. It would help to set the stage for his future ventures. In 2002 he started a contextual advertising firm. It was similar to Google AdWords. He eventually sold this business in 2004. During that very same year he started the Mamba online dating site. This site would eventually change its name to Wamba. According to Andrey Andreev, it is the top dating portal in the Russian nation though it also has members from other countries around the world. Wamba helped to establish Andreev as an online dating genius. This site paved the way for what would become his biggest hit to date – Badoo. 

Badoo took off in 2006 and it was well received by people in Europe and in Latin America. Andreev was amazed at the online dating site’s success. As a matter of fact, this site has been so successful that millions of people’s dating habits been changed. Andrey Andreev’s dating site, Badoo, has altered how men and women approach dating. Other companies have tried to mimic the site’s success. This site reportedly has 377 million users which is the largest amount for any dating site on the planet. 

By 2014, Andrey came up with another big hit. This time he collaborated with a young and upcoming tech CEO named Whitney Wolfe. She created Bumble and he helped to get this unique dating site up and going. Bumble is a female centered dating site that puts women first and that promotes feminism. This site too has been a huge success. Andreev has a knack for hitting it big and making things happen when it comes to computers, tech and online dating. 

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