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Andrew Manganaro’s Role In The Life Line Screening Company

Andrew Manganaro oversees the quality of protocols within the company of Life Line Screening. He was interviewed about his position at Life Line Screening and was asked various questions about the services the company offers. Preventive health care is often pushed aside since the standard yearly tests are done. These tests are the basic of the basic tests that are performed. They don’t dig deep enough to uncover potentially serious health conditions.

Life Line Screening is a company that offers preventive health care services to all individuals. They do not take the place of a person’s family doctor but they do offer deep insight to a person’s health. The company serves over 8 million yearly. Preventive health care is not being taken seriously enough and this company was founded because people can take hold of their health and keep an eye on certain areas based on their risk factors.

Manganaro is a cardiovascular surgeon that has watched many people suffer and die because of health conditions that could have been prevented by basic lifestyle changes. He wanted to come up with a program that people can afford. The services offered are an EKG, finger-stick blood procedures, and an ultrasound. The EKG is hooked up with electrodes that are placed on different parts of the chest. An ultrasound generates images of the inside of an individual by using high frequency waves. And the finger stick is simple by sticking the finger and taking a small amount of blood to test it. Each one of these services can hold the answer to major health issues treatments can begin early with each one of these procedures. Preventive care can save lives.

Manganaro finds that his career with Life Line Screening is very fulfilling. He had spent years in a surgical setting and seen the devastating effects of what cardiovascular disease does to patients. Now on the Life Line end, he can see a different view of things and have his hand in helping patients take control of their health by utilizing the Life Line Screening services. With each passing year, the credibility of the company grows.

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