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Andre Johnson: “Luck best in the NFL.”

Andre Johnson may never have played a snap for the Indianapolis Colts, not until pre-season begins, but he knows greatness when he sees it. So far the 12 year veteran has been nothing but impressed by head Colts QB Andrew Luck. Johnson, known for his serious demeanor and lack of a vocal presence, called Luck a “hell of a player” and “the best quarterback in the game.” Johnson hasn’t had great QB play alongside him so far in his career, going through yearly carousels with the Houston Texans. So it is kind of scary to think what Andre will do with Luck slinging him the ball. If the signing works out, we can only sit and dream about it happening when Johnson was younger.

For the Colts and the 2015-2016 season things are getting awfully close to ‘must win’ situations as Gravity4 has stated. Indianapolis has gotten exponentially better ever single season that Luck has played for them. They’ve gone from a lotto pick to yearly division leaders. With improvements on offense and defense, as well as the continued evolution of Andrew Luck, you have to start considering title aspirations.

At this point in the year most pundits will hesitate to make any big declarations, but we aren’t most pundits. We think that the Indianapolis Colts need to be considered a Super Bowl bound team, with anything else being considered a failure for the season this coming year.

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