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An Overview of the BetterWorks App

BetterWorks is an application that helps businesses set goals and manage tasks. The app is among the most scalable in which is allows users to monitor tasks with a central dashboard. Users of the app can do a number of things such as communicate with team members, contact employees, motivate employees, evaluate performance and also help everyone work towards achieving certain goals.

This app helps leverage business methods such as Specific Measurable Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound goals and Objectives and Key Results. It is also enhanced by Goal Science insights and helps provide platform integrations with enterprise software. All of these things are sure to benefit businesses that are looking to efficiently monitor their results. 

The company Betterworks is a technology company based in Northern California. It is lead by a team of executives, advisors and professionals who help businesses use the app for everyday tasks. Betterworks provides businesses with an app which can allow them to interact with their employees as well as evaluate their performance. It also helps businesses collaborate to complete important tasks in a more timely manner.

Like many other companies, Betterworks has core values which include providing feedback and collaboration to reach goals, maximizing productivity and helping customers reach their goals. The company has a philosophy that helps itself and other organizations reach their full potential. It believes that employees will thrive when they feel a connection between work and business goals.

Betterworks also believes that managers who are actively engaged in their employees career will develop a better company and also regular feedback of goal achievement enhances professional development. 

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