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American Institute Of Architects CEO Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy has been the most recent recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Ivy will join a number of top professionals in the arts such as actor Morgan Freeman, artist Walter Anderson and writer Shelby Foote.

Noel Polk award given to Robert will also allow him to be yet another Mississippi native to win this highly prestigious award. Winning the Lifetime Achievement Award provides recognition to those who display professional excellence in both the artistic and creative fields. Robert will be honored for and given this award at an upcoming ceremony to culminate this accomplishment.

A number of colleagues of Robert Ivy have expressed their praise for winning the Lifetime Achievement Award. One of the individual to congratulate Robert for winning the award is the president of the American Institute of Architects Carl Elfante. He said that Robert has made a number of contributions to the field in a variety of roles. Ivy proved to demonstrate excellence as an executive, practicing architect, author and as an editor. As a result of his demonstrated excellence, Robert has been regarded by Elfante as a major ambassador for the entire field of architecture.

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During his career, Robert Ivy has won a couple of other awards as a way or displaying his success in the field. These awards have allowed him to demonstrate leadership abilities in the field as well as knowledge and expertise. One of the awards that Ivy has won is the Dean’s Medal. This was given to him in the year 2017 by the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. He was also designated as the Master Architect by a leading architecture fraternity known as Alpha Rho Chi.

Over the course of many years, Robert Ivy has built up an impressive track record in the architecture field. Today he is the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. The organization provides professional guidance and information to architects all over the United States. Robert has expanded the organization to a worldwide entity. As well as leading the top national professional organization in architecture, Robert has also worked as an editor and as an author for many top publications in the field.

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