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American Institute of Architects and the Next Generations of Sustainable Structures

     Though there are many personalities in the architecture industries, some have already made the mark in a wide range of different circles, and they are looking to move forward into new arenas that they have been appointed to. In fact, some of the noteworthy are taking the lead in ensuring the areas that they are responsible for are getting the benefits and knowledge that they have acquired over the years. From working in positions like the CEO of American Institute of Architects to being placed in additional positions of authority in Washington, D.C. as the Executive Vice President Officer, Robert Ivy is helping to ensure he is adding value in a number of different ways. Therefore, he is very well known in the architectural industry as a lifetime contributor. Specifically, in the areas that involve the layout of architectural designs for the new upcoming generations.

Next Generation Architectural Initiatives

He is also currently dedicated to building structures that meet certain standards. As of recent, Robert Ivy work helps him to ensure the latest issues in the environment and social platforms are addressed as such. Typically, after working in many different leadership roles, those who have been under his strong leadership are usually looking toward what he will do next to ensure architecture heads in the right direction for the future.

HIghlighted Initiatives for the Next Generations Leans Toward More Sustainable Structures

With highlights of Robert Ivy’s work and dedication in popular magazines like the New York Times, Architecture Magazine and CrunchBase, his platform in the architecture world is being heard all over. While his direction in this new age may or may not be clear to some, one area that he is expecting to work vigorously is in sustainability. Therefore, for the upcoming years, the architectural designs that are currently being promoted across the U.S. are buildings that meet the overall specifications of sustainability. This is especially true when it comes to older buildings. For instance, when older buildings are being redesigned or updated, the changes made can accommodate the specifications and requirements of Green buildings. Green buildings are often preferred for many different reasons, specifically comes to save energy. For some geographical locations, these buildings are very effective in using the heat from the warmth of the sun to heat the buildings at certain hours of the day. Therefore, this natural light reduces the need for paying for high cost utilities throughout the years.

If you are familiar with the artichectural industry today, there are many different things that you should know about what is coming up next for the generations. Based on achievers like Robert Ivy and their leadership, he is positioning his work force to concentrate on structures that meet sustainability standards.


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