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American Addiction Centers Provide Educational Research on Benzos

Researchers in the pharmaceutical and medical industry continue to perform studies on prescription drugs used to treat mental disorders. Benzodiazephine (benzo) is one in particular questionable to treat anxiety and depression.

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American Addiction Centers and its medical physicians did its own examination and research on the drug and discovered startling results. The treatment facilities are a network of licensed psychologists & psychiatrists, doctors, registered nurses, and therapists.

Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, the Chief Medical Officer of AAC (American Addiction Centers) is an advocate of pushing benzodiazephine addictions awareness. Under his leadership, he strongly believes education is part of the recovery process and a safety net in helping patients.

After conducting his own research based on studies regarding the abuse of the drug, he realized how it is addictive. Once individuals who are suffering from addictions understand the different effects of using benzos, theirs changes for recovery increases. Below explains how the pharmaceutical drug affects brain activities.

Causes of Benzo Addiction

What makes benzodiazephine addictive in individuals is its effects on the brain. A research study by the NIDA revealed the drugs cause an increase in the GABA chemical in the brain. Increased levels of the chemical causes users to become drowsy or have the sensation of calmness.

The effects can make patients become dependent and cause withdrawal symptoms if taken six months and longer. With all the studies combined, the conclusion is that the prescription medication is dangerous and can lead to devastating overdoses.

National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports benzos causes dopamine rushes which the brain associates with the feeling of joy after use. The way Dr. Weinstein explains it is that the rushes or surges cause the neural connectivity to change.

It stimulates the brain which causes users repetitively use of the drugs. The development of addiction begins by the brain cells continual calling for the drug. What medical experts in medicine including Dr. Weinstein wants you to know are there are alternative treatments.

Treatment Options

American Addiction Centers offer the safest treatment options using non-pharmacological interventions and sometimes low-risk drug treatments. Dr. Weinstein doesn’t recommend Benzodiazephine prescriptions to patients and is bringing awareness of its side effects and dangers.

If addicted to benzos, AAC has a three-step program including detoxification, intense therapy, and aftercare as needed until full recovery.

Since 2007, American Addiction Centers successfully helped many people with long-term recoveries using customized treatment plans. In order for any treatment plan to work, you must eat daily balanced meals, exercise, and take part in holistic therapy.

AAC is there for their patients during the whole treatment process based on their lifestyle, health, environment, and mental disorder. They provide support to help strengthen and motivate each patient.

American Addiction Centers treat people from over the world in its treatment facilities in Nevada, California, Mississippi, Texas, and Florida. Their team of medical professionals use treatments based on research to help those with drug addiction and mental health disorders.

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The mission is to achieve wellness of the spirit, body and mind.

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